H&M expands into virtual worlds. The Swedish fashion group launches “Loooptopia Experience”, a game on the open-world platform Roblox. The world of experience invites customers to “experiment” with materials and patterns and to design clothing for virtual avatars, H&M announced on Wednesday.

    The heart of the online experience is a virtual city center that allows users to immerse themselves in three different digital worlds. In “Rainbooow Fields”, “Neon Studiooo” and in the “Fabric Fooorest” it is possible to collect “fashion components” that can be used to create outfits for the avatars. The “Loooptopia Experience” allows players to dress up their avatars, connect with other users and swap clothes, as the platform “puts circular actions at the heart of the fun,” according to the release.

    The name “Loooptopia Experience” appears to be derived from Looop, the Swedish fashion brand’s in-store recycling system launched in 2020. “H&M wanted to offer an experience that promotes fun and sustainability, in line with the brand’s DNA of style, creativity and culture,” said Andrew Douthwaite, chief commercial officer of Metaverse studio Dubit, which helped the Swedish company develop the game supported.