Viewing tip: on this date Zoetermeer is on TV in Night animals by Raven van Dorst

Who is awake at night in Zoetermeer and what do they do then? Raven van Dorst would like to know and has traveled to Zoetermeer for a new episode of the Night Animals program. The recordings are almost on TV!

In November last year we placed an appeal: the makers of Night Animals were looking for Zoetermeerders who are awake at night. Because Raven does go to a city on spec, it’s always nice if the makers have a few ideas where Raven can go. The editors of Nachtdieren received a number of responses through nearby and their own research.

Nocturnal animals in Zoetermeer

The recordings in Zoetermeer were in January. Raven van Dorst also drove to Delft that same week to visit people who are active at night. The Zoetermeer and Delft episode of Nachtdieren is the sixth broadcast of season four. To be seen on Wednesday 16 February at 9.20 pm on NPO 3.


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