“Hello Sergio”, shouts one of the neighbors from the berries that separate the people from the officials. and the brand new Super Minister of Economy Sergio Massa He approached smiling to say hello without imagining that immediately the accusations s insults against him.

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    “How’s it going, okay?” Massa asked with a smile as he took a woman’s hand. And her answer blurred his face: “How are you squirt, delinquent?” shot by the same person. And after her they began to join more until the superminister, without making a gesture or saying a word, walked away.

    The incident occurred during the act in Santa Fe, in which Massa was displayed next to President Albert Fernandezin which the railway section that connects Cañada de Gómez with Rosario. It was the first time that she was seen together with both, after the photos of the meeting that were released after the assumption of the new Minister of Economy. It will be necessary to see if, after what happened, the minister returns to appear next to the President.

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