Argentine federal police personnel arrested three people who were in charge of the clandestine rehabilitation center “The Braves”. The incident occurred in the town of La Reja, in Morenoand seventy-seven elderly people and ten minors were rescued, who were deprived of their liberty, and those who had inflicted corporal punishment, torture and ties.

    days ago the Ministry of Health, carried out an inspection, finding a gruesome panorama: the site was not duly enabled, the inmates were in overcrowded conditions, and they had them locked up with barred doors, with sewage in the recreation yards. In addition, the inspection found covered bathrooms, humidity on the walls, and there were not enough professionals for the number of patients there. A minor was even found tied up inside a chicken coop.

    Members of the Argentine Federal Police, the National Program for the Rescue and Accompaniment of Persons Victims of the Crime of Trafficking, and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation interviewed the victims, who expressed their desire to leave the place, where they alleged that they were He tortured them physically and psychologically.

    The detainees.

    In their statements, the young addicts indicated that their relatives could only see them every 21 days, and that at all times they had to be accompanied by one of the coordinators of the place, who controlled the conversations and what they said to their families.

    by RN

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