Victoria Tolosa Paz and “Pepe” Albistur: Peronist rest in Cariló

The scene takes place in the Hemingway spa, in Cariló. Victoria Tolosa Paz It is a few meters from the tent of Enrique Albistur, but, despite her sister’s insistence, she doesn’t want to go. Still fresh is the memory of the cover of NEWS, “The dealer”, where the misadventures of “Pepe”, who in 2005 was the media secretary and a strong man of Kirchnerism, and the press. So strong was that image, for her, that it took two more years for her to accept the invitation of the then official and start the romance. 14 years later the situation repeats itself, but some things changed: Tolosa Paz and Albistur They are on the same spa but now they are husband and wife, and while one swears that he is “retired”, the other, a brand new deputy, was the visible face of the Frente de Todos in the last elections. The one that is also present is NEWS, the last edition of which was being read by a close friend of Alberto Fernandez when this report began.

Victoria Tolosa Paz: They wanted to present it to me in February 2007, but I remembered that cover. He was very aware of her because he said things that were quite … very far from what Pepe really is (ed: in that note the discrimination in the advertising pattern of the then government to PROFILE was counted). I had the feeling that I was not going to like it and I said no. But on July 19, 2007 I met him at the Argentine Theater of La Plata, where he went to launch the candidacy of Cristina Kirchner, and I fell in love.

Her husband is going to hang around during the entire interview. When the photographer of this medium raises the camera, he even asks the grandchildren to make their fingers in a V shape, and when his wife tells the story of the cover, he cooks mates, brings some bottles of water for the NEWS team, Albistur finishes off: “How you screwed me up”, by the time it took to meet the deputy.

Sand and thread. Tolosa Paz she was the first candidate for deputy in Buenos Aires, an election that the government lost both at the provincial and national levels. But, despite the results, the legislator has faith in the Front, and believes that she will remove the V-shaped necklace that she has, in 2023. “I promised that until the Mayor of La Plata won it, I was going to leave it, but let’s see what happens, because I fell in love, “he says.

News: Alberto Fernández He said that in PROFILE they lost the elections because “they went too far.” Match?

Tolosa Paz: When I think of an electoral defeat, I do not pigeonhole myself into a motive, I believe that there is a heterogeneity of the voters. Some economic imbalances, others angry at the loss of their jobs. If in two years this economic growth occurs as we expect, we will be in another place with society. We must go unlocking the bombs that macroism left us.

News: Are post STEP wounds healed?

Tolosa Paz: I find it very striking that they keep wondering if there are differences between Alberto and Cristina. Of course there are, they are different forms, different people, different pasts, but they synthesize this stage of Argentina. For me it was a great success for CFK to choose Alberto. I see Cristina very active and I love it, but at the same time I see an extremely active Alberto in charge of the PJ. There were letters, resignations, internal tensions, but they passed and pragmatism reigns.

News: In the campaign you had several highlights. One of them was when he spoke of the fact that “in Peronism it was garchó”. Alejandra Dahia, director of NOTICIAS, wrote a note entitled “Now yes, the authorized joy. The ruling party came to endorse what it canceled a decade ago: enjoyment came out of the closet “, in which he relates his sayings to the controversy that broke out in 2012 with the cover” Cristina’s enjoyment “. Did you read it?

Tolosa Paz: I read it and it seemed to me that when I said what I said it was because of a way of speaking very mine, that I am a young woman with children in my twenties. I said that in Peronism it was always screwed up and I ratify it, but I said it as if I were talking to my son here on the beach. As for the cover, I am glad that women can talk about enjoyment, enjoyment, but Cristina’s cover of that moment, with an orgasm, was strong. In this we have made a lot of progress. Cristina 10 years ago said that we were not going to vote on the law of termination of pregnancy and later in the Senate she was the first to be encouraged to turn her opinion around.

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