Finns want to buy electronics only when needed, i.e. when the old device breaks down.

    In addition to new devices, consumers are interested in used devices.

    More than every second Finn tries to reduce the need to buy new electronics by purchasing devices that they believe can be serviced or repaired, according to’s consumer survey. At the same time, every other respondent finds repairing electronics difficult and thus one of the biggest responsibility problems.

    Of the more than 18,000 respondents who took part in the customer survey, more than 80 percent thought it important that the electronics they purchased were energy efficient. As the price of electricity rises, the energy efficiency of the devices has increased even more. According to the study, Finns are indeed aware of the energy labels of appliances. About half of the respondents said that the energy label and other certificates influence the purchase decision.

    Finns are worried about the short lifespan of electronic devices and the models that appear too fast. As many as 70 percent of those who responded to the survey expressed concern about this. Responsibility was brought up by the same number of respondents, and more than two-thirds would like more information about the responsibility of devices when shopping.

    – According to the survey, Finns are interested in consuming electronics responsibly, but do not feel that they know enough to be able to distinguish a more responsible electronic product from a less responsible one. There is clearly room for improvement here, how online retailers could bring the information to the customers’ attention in a meaningful and comprehensible manner. The repairability of products and the availability of maintenance services are also topics where Finns expect more action,’s responsibility manager Johanna Stenback comment on the research results in the bulletin.

    Recycled electronics have started to interest more and more Finns. More than half of the respondents say that they have donated, sold, received or bought electronics in the last year.

    As many as 77 percent of the respondents would be ready to purchase used electronics if they were serviced and more of them were available. For example, the market for devices used on the telephone side has grown continuously.