Users of public services strengthened the protection of accounts

Public services have become safer. After today’s media reports about new fraud scheme related to digital certificates, the developers of the portal have implemented enhanced account protection. About it says on the website of the Ministry of Digital Development.

Now, in order to receive an SMS message to change your password, you first need to enter a code (that is, go through the so-called captcha – protection against automated registration and spam), and then provide additional information, including SNILS, TIN, series and passport number.

Data reconciliation takes place automatically, employees are not involved in this process, the department said. Moreover, the SMS contains a reminder that the code contained in it should not be shared with anyone. If desired, users can also assign a secret word, which will be requested before entering the code from SMS.

Earlier today, the media reported a new way to deceive users of public services. Its essence is that telephone scammers, pretending to be employees of the portal, swindle victims from a code from an SMS message (supposedly necessary to activate and link to a digital certificate page), which they then use to enter their personal account.

The Ministry of Digital Development said that the scheme itself is old – in the same way, attackers, for example, try to seize access to online banks, and a digital certificate is just an excuse to call, since this topic is now very relevant. Representatives of the department stressed that in the support service of the State Services “there is no surge in requests on the fact of the theft of accounts,” and user data is “reliably protected.”

At the same time, the Ministry of Digital Transformation reminded that the portal employees never call the user if he did not leave an application, and never ask him for personal data. If such a situation has arisen, it is recommended to hang up and report the call to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Services support hotline (by calling 8-800-100-70-10 or via the feedback platform).



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