Ukrainian Foreign Ministry denied Putin’s words about preparing an offensive in Donbass – RBK

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The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine rejected the words of Vladimir Putin about the preparation of the operation in Donbass

Photo: Valentin Sprinchak / TASS

Ukraine is not preparing a military operation in Donbass, as Russian President Vladimir Putin suggests. About it stated Oleg Nikolenko, a representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the UNIAN portal.

“The statement of the Russian president about Ukraine’s alleged preparation of a” military operation “in the Donbass is not true,” he said, pointing out that Kiev is striving only for peace.

Nikolenko pointed out that the Ukrainian authorities are constantly making efforts to “get off the ground” the peace process, in particular in the “Normandy format”. In his opinion, these actions demonstrate Ukraine’s commitment to the peace process, and the country’s delegation has done a “titanic” job to establish a ceasefire on December 22.

“We call on Russia to focus on fulfilling the ceasefire agreements and ending the international armed conflict in eastern Ukraine,” the Ukrainian ministry official concluded, noting that residents on both sides of the demarcation line deserve peace and tranquility.

Putin allowed Kiev to prepare a new military operation in Donbass

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