Transport strike 8 March 2024: times, reasons, guarantee periods, trains, metro

The national strike proclaimed by the Slai Cobas union for Friday 8 March 2024 will also involve the world of public transport. Possible cancellations on the national railway network, from high speed to regional trains. No inconvenience expected for metro and buses

March 8 – 04:00 – MILAN (MI)

It will start at 00.00 Friday 8 March 2024and then continue until 9.00 pm, lo national strike of all public and private categories announced by the union Slai Cobas which could also have repercussions on the world of transport, particularly on train journeys and commuters. Confirmation, in this sense, came from a Strike guarantor which, at the same time, on 1 March 2024, confirmed that the “aforesaid transport sectors (air, rail, maritime and local public) will be affected exclusively by the strike proclaimed by the Slai Cobas union for the Class Union and not by the other trade unions“, highlighting some irregularities found in the mobilizations presented by Usb, Cub, Adl Cobas, Usi 1912 and Usi Cit.

Milan and Lombardy: the situation of trains, metro and buses

In Lombardy, Trenord has confirmed that the national strike of all public and private categories called by the Slai Cobas union for 8 March 2024 could have some impact, with variations and cancellations, on regional, suburban, airport and long-distance services. In this regard, theactivation of the guarantee time slots from 06:00 to 09:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00 in which the trains included in the list of minimum guaranteed services will circulate. Convoys departing by 11.59pm on March 7th and scheduled to arrive at the final destination by 12.59am on March 8th will arrive at the end of the journey, while we will proceed with theestablishment of buses without intermediate stops between Milan Cadorna, departing from via Paleocapa 1, and Malpensa Airport for the Malpensa Express in the event of train cancellations. As regards the metro, buses and local public transport ATMHowever, there should be no inconvenience.

trains and high speed at risk?

With the exception of Abruzzo, spared from the mobilizations, at the invitation of the Guarantee commission on strikesgiven the imminence of the electoral consultations of March 10, 2024in all other regions of Italy there may be inconveniences for travelers in the period between 00.00 and 21.00 on Friday 8 March 2024. Due to the national strike of the Fs Group staff, Trenitalia and Trenitalia Tper, in fact, will not modifications and cancellations for high-speed, Frecciarossa, long-distance, regional and group bus trains are excluded, subject to confirmation of the essential services in the guarantee bands, from 6.00 to 9.00 and from 18.00 to 21.00. “The strike could also cause potential impacts on the circulation of Intercity and High Speed ​​trains”, warns FS. The effects, in terms of cancellations and delays, “may occur even before and extend beyond the end time of the strike”, specifies the group. More information in real time on connections and services through the Infomobility section and the Trenitalia app and on the toll-free number 800 89 20 21.