The TV quiz Top 2000 a gogo does not suffer from the unexpected departure of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk as presenter. In fact, with Herman van der Zandt at the helm, many more people are watching.

    © Annemieke van der Togt

    Due to his controversial exposure as a studio executioner, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk abruptly stopped recording his Top 2000 programs on public broadcasting last month. The Top 2000 a gogo, the daily quiz that can be seen every year between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, started yesterday with Herman van der Zandt as his replacement.

    Poor Matthews

    What seems? The premiere episode of the Top 2000 a gogo scored very well with 1.1 million viewers (33 percent market share). It should be noted that the program was shown last year in the evening of NPO 3 and has now moved to flagship NPO 1, where it is broadcast in the late evening.

    Viewing figureologist Tina Nijkamp sympathizes with Matthijs. “Herman scores no fewer than 400,000 more viewers than predecessor Matthijs van Nieuwkerk did on the same broadcast evening last year. Matthijs will probably not watch TV this week and certainly not look at the ratings. All too painful.”

    The Smartest at 1

    Another program has moved to the main stage, namely De Slimste Mens. The show by Maarten van Rossem and Philip Freriks can no longer be seen on NPO 2, but on NPO 1. The first episode on the new home network came out yesterday at 1.9 million viewers (43 percent), a top score.

    Tina: “It should not have been viewed any lower, because it has always attracted around 1.5 to 1.8 million viewers on the smaller NPO 2. I myself had expected around 2.2 to 2.3 million viewers. The relief will be great at the NPO: the first major move from one channel to another seems to have gone well.”

    Oh What A Christmas

    The bronze at prime time is for Christmas Music Gala 2022, which was broadcast between De Slimste Mens and the Top 2000 a gogo. 878 thousand people (23 percent) watched it.

    RTL 4 attracted 681 thousand viewers (16 percent) with Oh Wat Een Kerst and the Christmas special Kerst met de Familie Gillis on SBS 6 was good for 492 thousand viewers (12 percent).

    Viewing figures

    The viewing figures of Monday, December 26, 2022 (SKO):

    Top 15

    Market shares (18-24h, 6+)

    01. The Smartest Man (NPO1) 1,928,00001. NPO1 / 29.1%
    02. Journal 20:00 (NPO1) 1,606,00002. RTL4 / 12.8%
    03. Top 2000 a gogo (NPO1) 1,073,00003. SBS6 / 10.6%
    04. A house full (NPO1) 916,00004. NPO2 / 5.6%
    05. Christmas Music Gala 2022 (NPO1) 878,00005. NPO3 / 4.2%
    06. Oh What A Year (RTL4) 681,00006. RTL8 / 3.8%
    07. Half past seven news (RTL4) 681,00007. RTL7 / 3.5%
    08. Heart of the Netherlands (SBS6) 617,00008. RTL5 / 3.4%
    09. Good Times Bad Times (RTL4) 551,00009. Vero / 3.2%
    10. Christmas with the Gillis Family (SBS6) 492,00010.NET5 / 3.0%
    11. Edition NL (RTL4) 482,00011. Discov / 1.4%
    12. TV Monument Philip Freriks (NPO1) 473,00012. BBC / 1.3%
    13. Show News (SBS6) 446,00013. N.geog / 1.0%
    14. RTL Boulevard (RTL4) 419,00014. SBS9 / 0.9%
    15. Six hours of news (RTL4) 385,00015. RTLZ / 0.9%

    Market shares per channel group (18-24h, 6+)

    More viewing figures at:

    01. Public Broadcasting 38.9%
    02. RTL Netherlands 24.7%
    03. Talpa TV 17.7%

    Programs that did not make the top 15 include Rail Away (272 thousand), 112 Today (230 thousand) and Lang Leve De Liefde (224 thousand).