Tolgay Arslan spoke to the Italian press! The ‘Dürüm’ event and Beşiktaş…

Midfielder Tolgay Arslan, who plays for Udinese, one of the Serie A teams of the Italian League, made a statement to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The 31-year-old football player, who said that he did not eat wrap in the locker room in Beşiktaş, said that he was being tried to be discredited.

Talking about the allegations that he ate kebab at halftime of a match in Beşiktaş, Arslan, “The allegations that I ate kebab wrap at halftime are not true. I was eating bananas there. Will there be kebabs in the locker room? The problem here is that the club tried to discredit the football player and therefore made ridiculous rumors. They did not pay me for 5 months, so I asked for my money. “I was excluded because I wanted my money. For me, the president was finished at that point. Then I signed with Fenerbahçe.” he said.

Finally, Tolgay Arslan said that he was happy in Serie A. “I will not return to Turkey. I love Serie A very much and I want to stay here.” said.



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