Three reasons to buy a trampoline

Sometimes you need someone else to convince you that your own idea is a good one. So that’s why here; three reasons to buy a trampoline.

Jump yourself healthy

Jumping on a trampoline is quite healthy. This way you get a lot of movement and you tense a lot of muscles while jumping on a trampoline. And it’s healthy to be outside anyway because of the cleaner air than inside and because of the vitamins you get from the sun. Of course there are many other ways to get outside and exercise, but not one as much fun as jumping on a trampoline. This workout is a combination between training your condition and training your leg and back muscles. If you get an elevated heart rate while jumping, you’ll burn between 320 and 420 calories per hour.


If you sit at your desk for a longer period of time (now with corona all the way), your productivity drops drastically. But if you occasionally take a short break in which you move, this is much less. And what’s more fun than alternating your work with standing on the trampoline. Besides entertaining yourself, it is of course also a perfect way to entertain children. In this corona time everyone is at home much more and you can get in each other’s way, but with a trampoline this can become a little easier. This way you can work in peace while your children are enjoying themselves in a healthy way, instead of sitting behind a screen.

Major improvements

When you think of a trampoline, you may think of an old worn-out trampoline that you used to use. These were often not very resilient and you could still hurt yourself badly. Today it is very different, over the years there have been major changes. For example, all springs are well protected with a layer of foam, so that you can no longer get your legs between the springs. The fabric and the springs themselves have also been greatly improved. There is a world of difference between a trampoline from mountain trampolines and an old-fashioned trampoline that you may know from back in the day. So they are much more resilient and safer.

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