Paul de Leeuw is under fire for a while. In addition to the negative publicity about his low viewing figures and the criticism of his statements about VI, he now gets Tina Nijkamp and Yvonne Coldeweijer.

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    Things are not going well with the viewing figures of Busje Komt Zo, the latest TV child of Paul de Leeuw. In fact, Angela de Jong declared his TV career dead on 9 June at the beginning of the afternoon. Where he still scored good viewing figures is at the table of Today Inside, but he has distanced himself from that program.

    Under fire again

    After the criticism of Angela de Jong and the Shownieuws stars who accused him of being vain this week, Paul now also gets viewing figure authority Tina Nijkamp and showbiz hyena Yvonne Coldeweijer.

    Paul has stated in a podcast that he does not care about his low viewing figures. “The ratings are a bit disappointing, but it’s one of the best programs I’ve made. That’s weird,” he said. “I don’t lose sleep over it, because this is what I can do. This is the best thing I’ve done in years.”

    “This is disinterest!”

    Tina just doesn’t find these useful statements. “After Richard Groenendijk, Paul de Leeuw now also says that he does not lose any sleep over the poor figures of his program. I think it’s so weird when presenters say that. It comes across as a kind of disinterest for the TV viewer. It’s like, ‘As long as I’m okay with it,’” she says on Instagram.

    “However: it is the viewer who is always right. And one thing is certain: the program director and the broadcasting team DO NOT lose sleep over it”, concludes Tina.

    ‘So hot-tempered’

    To make matters worse, Yvonne has also been giving the floor to people who have had negative experiences with Paul in recent days. “Working with Paul de Leeuw was like Russian roulette. You never knew who would die that evening—proverbially,” says one of them.

    According to this source, Paul was just as monstrous as Matthijs van Nieuwkerk seems to have been. “That man was so hot-tempered and so unreasonable that it was rumored that he might have been sniffing around a lot.”


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