David Bowie’s widow posted a lovely picture on Instagram.

    David Bowie died in 2016. AOP

    Musician David Bowie died of cancer in 2016 at the age of 69. Bowie has been married to top model Iman since 1992. The couple have a daughter together, Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones.

    On her Instagram account, Iman posted an old picture of Bowie and the couple’s Lexi daughter. In the picture, Lexi, who is only a few years old, is posing alongside her father in pants that are far too big to wear.

    If the publication is not visible, you can view it from here.

    – We love and miss you, Iman writes in connection with the picture.

    The publication has garnered numerous hearty comments.

    – David is in our hearts, one commented.

    Lexi is 21 years old today. He has also remembered his late father with his own Instagram account.

    If the publication is not visible, you can view it from here.

    Bowie died of cancer after nearly two years. The cancer had progressed to the terminal stage, and there was nothing left to do to cure Bowie.

    Iman has said he is not going to remarry again.

    – David is in my heart and mind every day. He was my great love. My daughter once asked me if I was going to remarry someday. The answer is that I never will.

    David Bowie was one of the greatest legends in the music world, whose career began in the 1960s and lasted until his death. Bowie died just days after turning 69.