Third dose, here is who can do it from 12 years upwards

The third dose of vaccine (booster) has been progressively extended to an ever-growing audience of people with various circulars from the Ministry of Health that have followed one another since the end of September 2021. Here is what the situation is today.

Anyone over 16 who has completed the primary course for 4 months can take the third dose

The third dose is open to all over 16s who have received the second dose for at least four months (120 days): Reservations for the 16-18 age bracket start today, December 27, in most regions. The acceleration in the administration of the booster dose was necessary to give maximum protection to as many people as possible in the face of the ascertained greater contagiousness of the Omicron variant.

Green light also for the 12-15 year old group but for now only for the frail

The latest circular from Minister Speranza opened the administration of the third dose – again at least 4 months after the primary cycle – for children aged 12-15. In this age group, however, the third dose can only be vaccinated if one falls into the category of the so-called frail. Frailty must be motivated “by concomitant / pre-existing pathologies”. These pathologies are the same as those foreseen for the over 18. Aifa will also decide on the third dose to all adolescents between 12-15 years by the month of January.

Third dose and super green pass

The third dose of vaccine will also be necessary for those who want to have the super green pass valid from February 1st and have completed the primary cycle by July 31st. If the second date has been administered by this date, it will be necessary to take the third dose before February 1st so that the strengthened green pass does not lose its validity. In fact, from February 1st, the super green pass has been valid for nine months to six months.


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