Do a major cleaning of your dry goods cabinet as well, because even spices don’t last forever.

    Are you one of those whose spice shelf or dry ingredients cabinet consists of the same jars and jars year after year? You are not alone. It is still good to remember that not even all dry products remain usable forever. Check the age of these products when cleaning the kitchen, and replace the outdated ones with new ones.

    Whole grain

    The shelf life of products like spelled or quinoa strongly depends on their fat content. Air and humidity can make the grains smell rancid, and the musty smell coming from the jar means that the products have already seen their best days. Quinoa lasts well in a dry cupboard for about four months, when the grains are frozen, their shelf life is extended by half.

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    Ground turmeric, paprika and nutmeg lose their effectiveness in an average of two or three years. Eating old spices in itself is not bad for your health, but you also don’t get a kick out of them in the food you cook.

    Baking soda

    The two-year rule also applies to baking soda and baking powder: you won’t get sick from an outdated spice, but you won’t get a fluffy cake either. You can easily test the freshness of the powders: mix a pinch of baking soda with wine vinegar or a handful of baking powder with warm water. If the liquid starts bubbling, you’re in the clear.


    Tea and tea bags should be used within a year of purchasing them at the latest. As the tea ages, the oil in it goes bad, and your cup will taste bad.


    Oils from coffee beans and coffee grounds standing in the cupboard also go bad, although much faster than tea. It would be advisable to consume ground coffee within 2-4 weeks, while consumers of instant coffee have about a couple of months. If you want your coffee to last longer, store the nibs in the freezer.

    Canned vegetables

    Did you imagine that canned vegetables could last forever? The longer the jars collect dust on the shelves of the cupboard, the more likely it is that the vegetables will get a metallic aftertaste. Strongly acidic vegetables, such as pickles, usually last 12-18 months, less acidic ones around five years. Please check the metal cans going into use for bulges or leaks.

    Olive oil

    Heat and light are not olive oil’s best friends. You probably won’t get sick from stale olive oil, but it won’t taste the same after six months. If you only consume a small amount of olive oil, it is smartest to buy only a small bottle.

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    The story was originally published in August 2019.