Minced meat sauce is an everyday classic.

    Traditional Finnish minced meat sauce is made in the simplest form of butter, wheat flour, water and minced meat.

    But the sauce doesn’t always work out. Then these tips can be helpful.

    1. Quality of minced meat

    Minced meat sauce should be made with less fatty minced meat. Low-fat ground meats add flavor to the food, but do not affect the texture or appearance.

    2. Brown properly

    When browning minced meat, you should follow these three instructions:

    1. Warm up the minced meat for about 30 minutes before frying.

    2. Use a pan hot enough to fry the minced meat.

    3. Fry a large batch of minced meat in batches so that the pan does not get cold.

    3. Dust with wheat flour

    Wheat flour is the best option for thickening sauces. The corn-based thickener often makes the minced meat sauce look like a paste.

    You avoid lumps when you add the wheat flour to the pan through a sieve. You can sprinkle the flour into the browned minced meat in the pan, but you get the tastiest minced meat sauce when you move the cooked minced meat to the side, add fat and brown the flour in the same pan as the minced meat.

    4. Use butter

    The butter is fatty enough to thicken the minced meat sauce. When there is enough fat in the pan, the wheat flour will not burn so easily.

    In addition, it can give the minced meat sauce a fullness and round taste.

    5. Don’t jump

    Temperance is a trump card when you’re making ground beef sauce. Especially when browning flour. The line between perfect and burnt is fine.

    As a rule of thumb, you should consider that the color of the sauce you get is how long the flour is in the pan. So the browner the better. However, do not burn the flour until black.

    The butter-flour mixture should be soft and moist. If the mixture starts to dry out, add more butter. If you doubt your own temper, use a Teflon pan. Making minced meat sauce requires, above all, consistency.

    6. Liquid while hot

    The liquid added to the flour during the enlargement must be hot so that the flour does not clump.

    In addition, the sauce must be mixed vigorously when the liquid is added to the flour.

    7. Don’t forget about relationships

    If the ratio of flour and butter is wrong, the texture of the minced meat sauce will not be good.

    That’s why you should remember that the ratio of flour and butter is always the same, and for example, 1 dl of butter and 1 dl of flour are used in the preparation of minced meat sauce for 1 liter of liquid.

    Source: Snellman.fi