The world is predicted to be hungry. Russia is accused of this // Look

A number of experts predict problems with the grain harvest this year due to a rise in prices or a shortage of fertilizers. In their opinion, some countries will face rising food prices, while others will face real hunger. And, as always, Russia was to blame for this.

The influential British newspaper The Times predicts problems with the upcoming grain harvest, which will be caused by a shortage or high cost of fertilizers. And the cost of fertilizers is increasing due to rising gas prices, which, in turn, is provoked by Russia, the newspaper claims. Approximately the American The Wall Street Journal wrote about the same, but it limited itself to only indicating the seriousness of the problem.

The Russian side has repeatedly denied this statement, recalling that in 2021 Gazprom increased gas production by 10% compared to the previous year. Export deliveries in physical terms also increased, by about 2%. According to Russian experts, the situation with expensive gas was created exclusively by the hands of the West, and above all the Europeans.

But the problems of shortage and high cost of fertilizers in America and Europe began at the end of last year. In October 2021, it became known about the massive reduction in the production of fertilizers by European manufacturers. In connection with the rise in gas prices in Europe, up to 40% of such enterprises were stopped in autumn.

Stocks of fertilizers in most countries of the world have decreased significantly. A number of states restrict or prohibit their export. For example, China has imposed a ban on the export of phosphate fertilizers. Russia also set semi-annual quotas for the export of fertilizers from December 1 last year. The West, on the other hand, imposed sanctions against Belarusian fertilizerswhile blaming the Russian Federation again.

fertilizers in the world market at the end of 2021, prices rose by two to three or more times, depending on the type, compared to the year 2020. Meanwhile, in Russia, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, fertilizer prices are now even falling. Of course, they remain higher than they were in 2020, but have returned to about the level of the summer of 2021. The gap with world prices has formed quite significant, and the ministry does not expect this trend to change.

According to experts, the use of fertilizers, due to their shortage and high cost, will decrease this year, which will inevitably lead to a drop in yields and an increase in prices for agricultural products. That is, the situation on the world food market will become more complicated. Some countries will face rising food prices, others will face real hunger, writes RIA News.


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