The WHO predicted “another storm” and the dominance of the omicron strain in Europe – RBK

In many European countries, the omicron strain of coronavirus will supplant other variants of infection in the coming weeks, causing a “significant surge” in the number of new patients. This was stated by the Director of the Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) Hans Kluge during a press conference, transfers Associated Press

“Omicron will dominate many countries in the region for several weeks, pushing already busy healthcare systems even further to the brink,” he said, adding that the COVID-19 strain has already been detected in 38 of the 53 states controlled by European division of WHO, and its dominance has already been confirmed in the UK, Denmark and Portugal.

“We can see another storm approaching,” he concluded.

The authorities of European countries have taken restrictive measures due to the “omicron”

Kluge added that mainly the omicron strain in Europe was detected in young people aged 20 to 30 years, and in 89% of all new patients with this strain, doctors noted typical symptoms for other variants of COVID-19 – sore throat. cough and chills. The head of the European division of WHO also said that 2.6 million people fell ill with one or another strain of coronavirus in Europe last week, 27 thousand of those who had previously died died.


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