The waters do not settle between Alişan and Buse Varol! See what was the divorce condition of Buse Varol

The news that the famous singer Alişan and Buse Varol will get divorced does not stop. It was alleged that Alişan and Buse Varol, who celebrated the birthdays of their daughter Eliz separately, started living in separate houses. New allegations have been made about the marriage of the famous couple.

Celebrating the birthday of Alişan and Buse Varol’s daughters, Eliz, separately brought along the allegations of divorce. The famous couple denied the news of divorce at every opportunity, but the removal of Buse Varol’s wedding ring strengthened the allegations.


Seyhan Soylu made the following allegations about the famous couple: “Alişan has not been home for 6 days, she has been staying with her mother. First, Alişan was not going home anyway. I explained this first. Buse has not been home for 3-4 days. She stays with her mother with the children. The second is Buse Varol’s lawyer. started the preparations for divorce. A president is being sought for how to get a divorce away from the sensations. Third, Buse Varol is not a matter of separation, as it is written in the press, that there is a house worth 5 million dollars and it is not understood.


Alişan doesn’t have anything worth 5 million or 500 TL on him. Why? All of Alişan’s investments and assets are made on his family. Buse can’t get anything from Alişan by doing this. There is no division of property because Alişan does not have such wealth. His current house is also for rent. Buse only wanted a house for the children. A very reasonable request. Ms. Suzan took over this event and asked them to stay apart for a while. With Ms. Suzan, they cannot easily leave. They will be separated but not divorced.


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