The United States will not impose sanctions against the Russian Federation before the “invasion” of Ukraine

Washington believes that sanctions against Moscow should be imposed only in case of its aggressive actions towards Ukraine. Otherwise, the sanctions will lose their deterrent effect, said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

“The purpose of these sanctions is to deter Russian aggression. If they are introduced, then the deterrent effect will be lost,” CNN quotes Blinken. The Secretary of State stressed that all the actions of the United States and its allies are aimed at convincing the Russian President Vladimir Putin “do not take aggressive action.”

Recently, in the West and in Kiev, they are talking more and more about the “invasion of Ukraine”, for which Russia is allegedly preparing. Former Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky said that sanctions against the Russian Federation should be introduced immediately, since in the event of an “attack” by Russia, they would no longer make sense.

Earlier on January 23, London announced that in the event of an “invasion” introduce hard restrictions in relation to Russia. Deputy Prime Minister, UK Justice Minister Dominic Raab assured that in the event of an “attack” London “will stand shoulder to shoulder” with Kiev.

Russian diplomats called on the British authorities stop dangerous rhetorical provocations and contribute to securing security guarantees in Europe.

Commenting on the statements made in the West, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the information about the “prepared invasion” an empty and unfounded escalation of tension. At the same time, he admitted the possibility of provocations and warned that attempts to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine by force would have serious consequences.


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