The State Department announced the absence of plans for a personal meeting between Putin and Biden – RBC

A personal meeting between Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and the United States and Joe Biden is not yet planned. This was announced during a briefing by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, reports Reuters

“I think we should look first of all to see if there is any diplomatic progress,” Blinken said when asked about the possibility of holding a personal meeting of the presidents to reduce tensions.

Blinken also added that Washington expects Moscow to de-escalate – the withdrawal of armed forces from the Ukrainian border.

Putin spoke about Biden’s idea during an online summit

In mid-December, the US Secretary of State spoke of the unlikely likelihood of a personal meeting between Putin and Biden before tensions around Ukraine were lifted. “In the absence of de-escalation and [выбора] diplomatic path [для снятия напряженности] it seems highly unlikely, ”he pointed out. Blinken then added that the United States wants Russia’s “good faith” participation in diplomacy and diplomatic dialogue with the European Union and Ukraine to resolve the conflict in Donbass.


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