The new statistical report from Veneto focuses on the accessibility of online data

The Veneto GDP growth estimate for 2021 is 6.6%, against the national 6.2%. And for 2022 the forecast is + 4% (The source is the Statistics Office of the Veneto Region on Istat data and Prometeia forecasts).

«The climate of confidence of families and businesses has returned to pre-crisis levels, construction and industrial production have exceeded expectations, international trade is developing further» reads the Statistical Report. “Veneto tells its story. Veneto is confronted ”, now in its eighteenth edition, which this year pushes on the visualization of online data.

The Statistical Report of 2021 focuses on the theme of prospects in the face of the pandemic underway since Covid-19, with particular reference to the dynamics of resilience.

The interactive part consists of two parts: the conjuncture, that is a socio-economic balance sheet of the last year, and two thematic focuses that provide a picture of the Veneto in relation to the PNRR. These are two dashboards that update from year to year with data on the green transition And the social inclusion of the Region.

The interactive report was created by, a young company in the world of information design that in less than two years of life has developed innovative digital projects such as Glocal Climate Change And Diversity mapping.


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