The Kremlin ruled out Moscow’s participation in the internal affairs of the Central African Republic

There are Russian military advisers in the Central African Republic, but Moscow does not participate in the internal processes in this country. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. TASS.

“We have relations with the Central African Republic at various levels, there really are our military advisers, that’s true. But some involvement [Москвы] in internal processes in the Central African Republic is impossible, and this is not the question,” Peskov said.

The EU announced the control of Wagner PMCs over security in the Central African Republic

In December 2020, protests took place in the CAR against the backdrop of presidential and parliamentary elections. Then several armed groups of the CAR rebels united in the anti-government “Coalition of Patriots for Change” to prevent the president from being re-elected for a second term, and launched an attack on the capital of Bangui.

CAR authorities claimedthat Russia sent “several hundred military personnel” and heavy equipment to the republic, but the former Russian ambassador to the Central African Republic, Vladimir Titorenko, denied this information. “Instructors work here who train the CAR army at the request of the government of this country. They are periodically rotated. And it’s well known as Sat [Совету Безопасности] the UN and the entire world community,” he explained. Later, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia sent 300 military instructors to the CAR “to train the military personnel of the national army.”



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