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The Winter Olympics in Beijing are overshadowed by the most serious violations of human rights in China. The IOC has kept quiet about criticism, while athletes are subject to strict surveillance by the Chinese authorities under the guise of the corona pandemic. Human rights activists warn the athletes against expressing themselves critically on site. Nora Hespers talks to Sport Inside author Robert Kempe about the unholy alliance between the IOC and China.

You can find Deutsche Welle’s contribution about the Olympics app “My2022” here:

The Monitor colleagues have dealt extensively with the German government’s position on a political boycott of the Winter Games in Beijing. You can find the post here:

Our first podcast on the subject of the IOC and China from May 2021 and the film about it can be found here: Schattenreich-der-ringe—das-ioc-und-die-menschenrechte-100.html Schattenreich-der-ringe—das-ioc-und-die-menschenrechte-100.html

We recently made the following contributions on how the IOC deals with autocracies:


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