the intuitive interface to customize a chatbot’s dialog box

Conversational robots are increasingly used by businesses today. These allow users to easily respond to questions and requests. Among the most popular are chatbots, callbots or even voicebots, which adapt to the preferences of brands and users.

Dydu is an expert company in the publishing of chatbots. Its goal is simple: to automate part of the customer relationship, through relevant and fluid conversations, on all devices, on all channels and on an ongoing basis.

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The company thus offers a Bot Management System (BMS) accessible to all and requiring no technical skills. The BMS makes it possible to create and update the robot’s content, such as questions, answers or even follow usage statistics. Recently, within this same administration console, dydu developed the dydubox : an easy-to-use interface for configuring the design of the bot dialog box.

Discover the Dydubox during a demo

The Dydubox, a simple interface to configure a dialog box!

Already, dydu allows all bot administrators, via the Bot Management System, to create, configure and customize their dialog box, also known as the chatbox. Concretely, it is possible to modify the visual part of this chatbox via the dydubox. You just have to activate or deactivate elements by checking or unchecking boxes. It is also possible to define more specific parameters such as fonts, colors or even to update the bot’s persistent texts with one click (alert on the protection of private data, welcome phrase, etc. )!

The idea is to offer a dialog box in the colors of the company, with the right fonts, but also the right tone of the bot. Among the options offered by dydubox we find:

  • the choice of the main color of the bot (which also applies to buttons and CTAs as well as to links and response bubbles)
  • downloading logos or avatars to represent the bot
  • the personalization of texts (welcome message, banner, header or even the GDPR disclaimer)
  • whether or not to display features in the dialog box (header, contact tab, window, footer)
  • A practical solution that saves time and above all offers full autonomy to dydu users. If you are not yet familiar with dydu solutions, don’t hesitate to ask for a demonstration!

Note, dydu chatboxes are designed to allow you to fully comply with RGAA accessibility standards in terms of content and navigation.

Democratize the use of bots internally

A chatbot can be used both externally, with visitors to a site or your customers, but also internally. Internal bots have a large number of advantages such as process automation and above all greater autonomy for employees. No need to ask someone else to reset your password. Dydu makes this possible and the company goes even further!

Indeed, bots are now accessible via collaborative messaging. Microsoft Teams. The chatbot is thus present in the intranet, the company’s mobile applications and now in a service used by all, namely Teams! Another strong point of the deployment of bots on Teams: the possibility of performing many actions such as formatting a response or even creating alternative responses that can be done directly on Teams. Finally, Teams is just the first step! Soon, bots will be available through Slack and Facebook Messenger.

Discover the Dydubox during a demo


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