The Hollywood actors’ strike directly affected Laura Birni’s work – I believe the conversation will spread to Finland as well

Actress Laura Birn has had an international career in recent years.

Laura Birn is currently pursuing an international career as an actress. Sanna Salo

Actor Laura Birn represented Kulttuurikasarmi in Helsinki on Wednesday at the guest reception.

Birn serves as the godfather of Kulttuurikarsim, the meeting place that will be opened on Friday.

– It’s wonderful that happy things happen in November that bring people together, Birn is happy about the festive atmosphere.

At the moment, Birn is living a quiet time when it comes to work. In recent years, Birn has worked on several international projects.

The actors’ strike in the United States, which lasted for almost four months, directly affected Birni’s work as well.

– Really big things were twisted in it. I understand well why the strike took place. It was great that we reached an agreement on that.

– Now we are waiting to see how everything will start again after the strike ended, says Birn.

Birn believes that the actors’ strike in the United States will also affect the discussions in Finland. In the strike negotiations, rules were agreed on, including the use of artificial intelligence.

The 118-day actors’ strike ended earlier in November. It was the longest strike against film and television studios in Hollywood history.

The acting strike stopped Laura Birni’s work. Sanna Salo

Despite his international career, Birn spends a large part of his time in Finland. When he is abroad, he especially misses a good sauna.

– I haven’t found that in many places yet, says Birn.

Birni’s recent roles include, among others The Crow – remake of the cult film, domestic film Light, light, light and a television series Munkkivuori.

Birn is especially known for his roles in films Pearls and pigs, Promise and Helene. The Helsinki-based actor has been awarded, among other things, the Golden Venla and the Jussi award.

Laura Birn in an interview with Iltalehti at the Jussi gala in 2021. Matti Matikainen