Johanna and Renny Harlin have lived with their daughter Coco in a wonderful baby bubble.

    The family of Johanna, Renny and Myy dog ​​was completed with baby Coco. MTV

    Actress-producer Johanna Harlin has been able to enjoy being a mother for about a month. The first child of Johanna and her husband, film director Renny Harlin Coco was born in mid-July.

    The Harlins have filmed the second season of The Harlins reality show, which will be released today, Wednesday. In the second season, Harlini’s life is followed from the beginning of Johanna’s pregnancy until these days.

    The season features, among other things, Johanna’s birth in Miami.

    – It had already been decided well in advance that such a truly personal event would be filmed. There was no way to know how it would go, whether it would go well or badly. It seemed like a really exciting thing, especially to me, Johanna says.

    However, she ended up thinking that showing the birth as it is is honest. The Harlins decided to take the cameras with them all the way to the delivery room.

    Johanna does not want to reveal too much about her birth at this stage, but says that it went well.

    – Now everyone can probably guess that a girl and a healthy child came from there, which was the main thing. The birth left me and both of us with a good feeling. It was such a lovely bubble where you could be alone. We couldn’t be disturbed for a few days, and nobody could make business calls to us, Johanna smiles.

    The Harlins have been living in a wonderful baby bubble. MTV


    Johanna says that she recovered well from the birth. For example, she was able to go to the gym already two weeks after giving birth.

    Johanna has also created a career in the fitness world, which is known as a sport focused on appearance. However, the change in body has not affected Johanna’s relationship with herself in any way.

    After all, changing her body is secondary to Johanna, who has dreamed of motherhood all her life. She can no longer stress about every bite, but prioritizes above all being able to be an energetic mother to her child.

    Early pregnancy has taken Johanna’s thoughts completely to the baby. So does Renny. Johanna laughs that Renny has even forgotten to eat sometimes when he has only focused on the baby’s needs.

    The two are currently enjoying the baby bubble with full breasts.

    – I don’t really think about myself anymore. I don’t have time, and I’m not even really interested. It’s funny that suddenly all the thoughts are on the baby, Johanna smiles.

    Johanna has always wanted to be a mother, so becoming a mother felt natural to her. According to her, the most surprising thing about motherhood has been how quickly time passes and how quickly the child grows.

    – I am not at all ashamed to say that this is exactly my dream profession. Now I have achieved it and it is absolutely wonderful.

    Johanna describes everyday life as a baby as busy, but educational. Coco has already traveled with her parents during her first month of life, first from Harlin’s home in Miami to relatives in Finland and then to Slovakia.

    – He is very kind, but quite determined. If he wants something, he also shows it, but in such a good way. He has taken well to all the trips he has been thrown into.

    – It has gone well.

    Johanna describes Coco as kind but determined. Johanna Harlin’s album


    The family’s permanent home is currently located in Miami, USA, which is a suitable home for a couple working in the film industry.

    Although Johanna loves being a mother, she will not be a housewife. Johanna has now found a new passion for her career in the film industry.

    Currently, the family is living in Bratislava for a few months. Renny and Johanna are working on a new film in the city – Renny as the director and Johanna as Renny’s producer.

    The film project is not yet public, but Johanna reveals that it is a horror thriller.

    Johanna is a classroom teacher by training, but jumping into the film industry has not been difficult for her. Following the industry alongside Renny has taught Johanna a lot.

    – My philosophy is that you learn by doing.

    Before moving to Slovakia, the family stayed in Finland to celebrate Coco’s birthday. The girl’s full name is Coco Liisa Maria Harlin.

    The name honors the memory of Renny’s late mother, Liisa Harjola.

    This is how Renny talked about Johanna and the upcoming wedding in the summer of 2021.

    The Harlins will start on August 24 at MTV Katsomo. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.