The business of Héctor Colella, Alfredo Yabrán’s right-hand man

Hector Cole He was the most trusted man Alfredo Yabran, to the point that he designated him as the person in charge of continuing his business in one of his posthumous letters. Despite the fact that at the end of the 90s suspicions against him grew, the man knew how to reconvert himself, grow his companies and become one of the most important businessmen of recent years.

Nowadays, Colella is in front of HC Corporation, whose CEO is his son, Frederick. The holding company manages Ocasa, Adea and Pickit, dedicated to logistics and shipments. In addition, in 2018 it bought Staples Argentina, one of the subsidiaries of Staples Inc in the United States, dedicated to the sale of office supplies and which, in the country, has 19 direct sales outlets to the public.

In recent years, moreover, the group has shown particular interest in the media sector. In 2017 it was learned that he had won a trial against Christopher Lopez Y Fabian DeSousa, the owners of Grupo Indalo, for a debt of $100 million. Own Colella confirmed, in those days, that a decade ago he had invested some 5 million dollars in the radios that were daniel hadad (Radio 10 and FM Pop, Mega, Vale and One) and that, when the signals were sold, there was a payment commitment by the new owners that was never fulfilled.

However, that was not the only approach of HC Corporation with the audiovisual sector. The group has a smaller percentage of Rodeo Entertainment, a film and music production company that is in charge of managing artists like Fito Páez. In 2018, in addition, the news was known that Colella joined as a shareholder in Mandarina, the producer of ideas and content for television in Mariano Chihad Y mario cella.

There is much speculation in the market about the interest of a mega-entrepreneur in production companies of this type and more than one is encouraged to speak, in off, about the supposed protection that this type of investment would provide. In fact, hypotheses are also made about the supposed links with the macrismo since Chihade, the husband of Mariana Fabbiani, is known for his friendship with officials of the previous administration. Furthermore, at Adea, one of the HC Corporation companies, Carolina Stanley’s father was a director.

However, from the environment Colella They say that the businessman’s interest in the sector comes from his son: “The Tangerine thing is because of a personal relationship between Federico and Mariano,” they clarify.

by Marcos Teijeiro and Giselle Leclercq

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