“The best result we can have now”

The meeting took place in a climate of deep concern, but all the members of the socialist leadership have agreed with the drastic step taken by the head of the Executive. There have been no dissenting voices. “Is win or die. What was the alternative? Continue bleeding until December? & rdquor ;, they ask themselves in the match, where a “comeback & rdquor; since the socialist electorate, explains a member of the executive, “has not gone to another party, but has stayed at home& rdquor ;. And that, they continue, is what has caused the loss of at least five of the nine autonomies in which the PSOE held the presidency until now (Valencian Community, Aragon, Extremadura, the Balearic Islands and La Rioja), as well as 15 of the 22 provincial capitals where he had the power.

So the time is now. Sánchez and the rest of the executive members have agreed that the economy is not going to improve between now and the end of the year, due to the rise in interest rates. But the unexpected initiative of the President of the Government, who made this decision a few hours after knowing the magnitude of the bump, also has an internal key. “We prevented the party opens in channel, as has happened on other occasions due to the bad results & rdquor ;, they explain in the socialist leadership.

And at the same time, they continue, they place the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, in a complicated position. To wrest all this enormous power from the PSOE, the conservatives will have to agree with Vox, that on Sunday tripled its number of councilors. The Socialists believe that the party of Santiago Abascal He will make maximum requests and that the territorial agreements will coincide with the pre-campaign and the campaign, which in fact has already started this Monday. “How is the image of the moderate Feijóo going to look like? & rdquor ;, asks a member of the socialist leadership. Even so, other members admit that the fear of the far right So far it has not given the expected results. Vox is getting stronger every day.

Coalition attrition

And then there is the relationship with Podemos and Sumar, the project of Yolanda Diaz. The second vice president and Minister of Labor now has only 10 days to reach an agreement with the purple formation. “They will know what they do. We are not going in. AND we are not going to help them either in the campaign. The coalition with Podemos has done us a lot of damage & rdquor ;, explains another member of the leadership.

If Sumar and Podemos go together, “great & rdquor ;. And if not, say Sánchez’s collaborators, the PSOE will try attract part of that electorate, critical of the lack of unity in the left-wing space. It is the collapse of the purple ones, they emphasize, which has caused the loss of places as important as the Valencian Community, where Podemos did not get representation, and Aragon, where he only achieved one regional deputy.

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The impression in the socialist ranks is that the debacle on Sunday has a clear national reading. has penalized the coalition and the parliamentary understanding with the Catalan and Basque independence movement. “We can tell people a thousand times that there was no other alternative and that the fruits of that alliance are very good, but a part of our traditional electorate does not understand it & rdquor ;, explains the party leadership.

“Win or die& rdquor ;, therefore. Spirits are low in the game, but Sánchez’s advance does not leave time for lick wounds “The advance is a success,” concludes a minister. Without risking, we were going to a agony. This is an ordeal that can be won & rdquor ;.