Honking in Eindhoven after President Erdogan’s win: 75 fines handed out

The police have ticketed 75 motorists at Woenselse Markt in Eindhoven. There, Turkish residents of Eindhoven celebrated the election victory of President Erdogan. Only then were the necessary traffic rules flouted.

Hundreds of Eindhoven residents got into the car on Saturday evening to celebrate the victory of the incumbent Turkish president. The revelers drove through the city honking their horns and waving flags. This also happened in other cities in the Netherlands.

Don’t allow everything
The police kept an eye out when the first people of Turkish origin hit the road. “Of course we gave space to expressions of joy, as we do at other major events such as carnival, King’s Day, football matches and the turn of the year. But that does not mean that everything is allowed.”

Traffic violations
According to the Eindhoven police, a lot of traffic violations were committed during the party, such as causing unnecessary noise nuisance and stopping unnecessarily. “We wanted to prevent the flames from escalating as much as possible, but the violations put the festive atmosphere under pressure at some moments.”

That is why 75 fines have been handed out on and around the Woenselse Markt to the Turkish revelers. The Eindhoven police report that the evening went on festively without major problems.

Turkish Dutch also gathered in other cities, such as Tilburg and Amsterdam, to celebrate the president’s victory.

Images show how, just like with victories of the Turkish national team, there is a lot of honking and traffic jams in Eindhoven.