Taxi overprotection is not the solution

The war between the cab and the service of transport vehicles with driver, the VTC, aims for a victory of the competition. European justice has laid the first stone, although qualifying the sentence with the acceptance of the existence of an additional license to be used objectively to stop pollution and traffic congestion. For a reason that defies logic, taxi drivers believe that the only cars that should be limited to combat these health hazards are other people’s cars. There will be a need, therefore, for new judgments and scientific studies to equalize the harmful effects of one service and another and to harmonize the traditional organization with Union law.

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The overprotection offered to the taxi by local rulers can be explained by the sincere defense of public service or simply by fear of the ability of taxi drivers to pressure. Their unions can paralyze Barcelona whenever they want and probably the phenomenon will be repeated next Wednesday. Everything is very understandable, starting with the fact that the taxi driver has bought a license at the price of gold that grants him a right that must be respected or compensated. It is not the first time that the metropolitan authority has had to withdraw licenses to match supply to demand, although no experience will be as traumatic as the one to come.

All the effort dedicated by the authorities to draft regulations and decrees limiting the expansion of taxi competition should be replaced by technical and financial aid to the sector to prepare for the future. The cost of this conversion will be very high. and the Gran Via will be the scene of the anger of the taxi drivers. However, the issuers of the licenses will have to assume their responsibility and try to manage the times at their convenience, avoiding that one day everything is urgent by European decision. The consolation is that it will not be the most expensive reconversion of those paid for by the State.