Formula 3 as a red carpet to F1: historic cars in the Zandvoorts Museum

Formula 1 is the Valhalla of motorsport: the highest achievable on four wheels. True enthusiasts believe that since Max Verstappen has entered the royal class, other categories have been shortchanged. Formula 3, for example, deserves more attention, after all it is the stepping stone to Formula 1.

An exhibition about Formula 3 can be seen in the Zandvoorts Museum. It is clear that Mike Doodeman from Soest and Jan-Bart Broertjes, who was born in Heemstede, are responsible for the interior. Both are true enthusiasts. Doodeman even races regularly with an old car. Four of these examples are on display in the Zandvoorts Museum. It took quite a bit of effort to get it there. Although the cars are not wide, it was a huge job to get them in.

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Formula 3 – NH News

Still, Doodeman called it ‘peanuts’ compared to sorting out, collecting and hanging the many photos. The work shown is by the photographers Rob Petersen. Gerrie Hoekstra, Chris Schotanus and comes partly from the North Holland Archive. Doodeman: “A visit is a must for true enthusiasts.”

The exhibition about Formula 3 in the Zandvoorts Museum can still be seen until 2 September.