Super Mario and Micky Mouse in LEGO parade, this is how Goirle celebrates carnival

No iron wire and papier-mâché, but LEGO bricks form the basis for the carnival parade in Goirle this year. The traditional fun procession cannot continue again due to corona. Yet they have not been idle in Ballefruttersgat. More than 32 cars are participating in the LEGO parade, which can be followed digitally during Carnival.

Corona or not: the carnival virus in Goirle cannot be tamed. Tuesday was the recordings for the livestream in Brother Lip Lap’s banquet hall. The carriages are pulled forward with a transparent rope. On the side, no cheerfully dressed people from Goirlen, but colorful LEGO dolls. And yes: even part of the village has been recreated with extreme precision.

“We have more cars than with the normal parade,” laughs Jan Brekelmans of the Karnaval Ballefruttersgat Foundation. “Of course we would have preferred to have a normal parade, but this is also a lot of fun to do. Doing nothing is not an option,” says the chairman.

Construction clubs, children and parents have supplied the vehicles complete. However, not everything goes smoothly. Just before the recording, Brekelmans quickly repairs a car. “And I don’t think this will be the last repair,” he laughs. “It’s still quite difficult this.”

Arjan Hendriks of CV De Kruikefrutters also exchanged his brushes for stones. “It takes a lot of energy, but this is a lot of fun to do!” He proudly shows a car with Super Mario, Mickey Mouse and even a DJ with a turntable. “This is just a really nice alternative.”

Last year was the LEGO parade for the first time. Even then because of the pandemic. But it’s here to stay, that’s for sure. Even if the parade continues in the future. Brekelmans: “This is also very nice. Especially for the children.”

The film of the carnival parade can be seen online from Carnival Saturday in the afternoon at two o’clock via the website from Ballefruttersgat.


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