Streaming services have not only been on the rise since the corona pandemic. A current report, which evaluated the streaming year 2022, shows quite impressively how important the providers actually are.

    Netflix, Prime Video, Sky, Disney+, Paramount+ – the list of major streaming services goes on and on. And with all these providers there is now also a clear focus on in-house productions in order to stand out from the increasingly numerous competition. This is also illustrated by a current “Nielsen” report. It not only looked at general streaming numbers for 2022, but also looked specifically at the success of the series and films. Especially in the series area, there is no getting past Netflix. Unsurprisingly, the most successful film is also a Disney production.

    Streaming will continue to boom in 2022

    Original or own and exclusive content will also become increasingly important for streaming services in 2022. The renowned market research company Nielsen has collected more precise figures. The survey, which is limited to the US American region, shows, among other things, that in 2022 the hours streamed increased by an impressive 27 percent compared to the previous year. This is probably due, among other things, to even more content of the services and generally more providers on the market.

    In this context, Nielsen again emphasizes the enormous relevance of the so-called originals. If you look at the top lists of the most streamed content, you can see many of the streaming services’ own productions there. Netflix is ​​particularly notable. The provider is now the oldest hand in this business; In 2012, “Lillyhammer”, the first Netflix in-house production, started. In 2013, “House of Cards” was the first series to run exclusively on a streaming platform. Accordingly, it is probably no surprise that Netflix, despite all the competition, is still the undisputed leader – even if the most-streamed series in 2022 may come as a surprise.

    Netflix and Stranger Things leave everyone well behind

    2022 was a rather mixed year for Netflix. For the first time, the company had to record falling subscriber numbers and various series, including prestigious ones, had to be sold again. The pressure on the streaming service from the competition also continued to increase in 2022. On the other hand, the Netflix productions made headlines and set records. Recently, for example, “Wednesday”, a spin-off of the popular “Addams Family” films, caused a sensation. Previously, the controversial series “Dahmer” dominated the headlines. And before? Was the 4th season of “Stranger Things” represented in all streaming charts. In the USA alone, the series was streamed by viewers for a total of 52 billion minutes. In words: fifty-two billion. This means that she is clearly ahead of the other places. Here is an overview:

    • 1st place: Stranger Things (52 billion minutes)
    • 2nd place: Navy CIS (38.1 billion minutes)
    • 3rd place: CoComelon (37.8 billion minutes)
    • 4th place: Ozark (31.3 billion minutes)
    • 5th place: Encanto (27.4 billion minutes)

    The series veterans “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Criminal Minds” follow in sixth and seventh place. But “Wednesday” is still in the top 15 with 12th place. If you then only look at the streaming originals 2022, the following picture emerges:

    • 1st place: Stranger Things (52 billion minutes)
    • 2nd place: Ozark (31.3 billion minutes)
    • 3rd place: Wednesday (18.6 billion minutes)
    • 4th place: Cobra Kai (16.7 billion minutes)
    • 5th place: Bridgerton (14 billion minutes)

    What is striking about this list is that all of the top productions are from Netflix. In fact, another streaming service is only found in 11th place with “The Boys” from Amazon Prime Video. With “The Rings of Power” at number 15, only one other production – also from Amazon – made it onto the list.

    Disney+ presents the most successful film with “Encanto”.

    If Netflix dominates in series, the same applies to Disney+ in films, albeit not to the same extent. Here “Encanto” is quite clearly at the top and can also be found in the general top 5. This is particularly remarkable because films are significantly shorter than series. So maybe even more people streamed “Encanto” than “Stranger Things” – just because of the overall length of the material for a shorter period of time. Another Disney film will follow, but Netflix is ​​also in the top 5 most streamed films of 2022.

    • 1st place: Encanto (27.4 billion minutes)
    • 2nd place: RED (11.4 billion minutes)
    • 3rd place: Sing 2 (11.3 billion minutes)
    • 4th place: Moiana (8.6 billion minutes)
    • 5th place: The Adam Project (6.1 billion minutes)

    If you look at the rest of the top 15 list, only Netflix and Disney+ can be seen there.


    • Nielsen (“Streaming unwrapped: 2022 was the year of original content”, accessed 27 January 2023)