In mid-December, Apple released a major follow-up update for iOS 16 in the form of iOS 16.2. The next version, which contains a number of bug fixes, is now ready.

    As announced last week, Apple released iOS 16.3 on Monday, January 23rd. This includes a fix for the display problem in the iPhone 14. TECHBOOK has already tested the iOS version in advance and summarizes all the important innovations.

    iOS 16.3 fixes display issue in iPhone 14

    TECHBOOK recently reported that iPhone 14 users complained about horizontal lines flashing briefly on the screen when unlocking. A possible cause is a driver error. Apple has confirmed the problem in a statement, but ruled out a hardware defect. Instead, the company has announced a bug fix with the next update. Now we have security: iOS 16.3 fixes the software error.

    New features in the iPhone update

    With iOS 16.3, Apple is introducing security keys to iPhone — a feature the company announced back in December. This allows physical objects such as a lightning stick or an NFC tag to be used for two-factor authentication on the smartphone. Even if someone should have the password, they cannot get past this hardware lock.

    Especially for Black History Month Apple provides new wallpapersdesigned by black artists. This is an annual event celebrated in North America that commemorates important people and events in the history of the African Diaspora.

    The update brings a few small improvements and featuresPhoto: TECHBOOK

    At the same time as iOS 16.3, Apple also introduced the 2nd generation HomePod with Matter integration. The new iOS version is therefore directly compatible with the smart speaker.

    A small change that the update brings to users concerns the emergency SOS calls function. To avoid unwanted emergency calls, the iPhone now waits until you release a volume button – even if the countdown has already ended.

    Known issues that iOS 16.3 fixes

    In addition to a solution to the display error in the iPhone 14, the new iOS version also contains a number of other bug fixes for the following problems:

    • Character strokes entered with hand or Apple Pencil do not appear on shared boards in Freeform
    • The wallpaper on the lock screen is black
    • The Home app widget does not display the status correctly on the lock screen
    • Siri is not properly responding to music requests
    • Siri doesn’t properly understand prompts in CarPlay