Man owns video game “Sneak King” 2700 times

People have been collecting objects since time immemorial, in the past stones or wood. Sometimes the passion for collecting takes on bizarre traits.

Take Leroy Patterson, for example. The US wrestler and actor collects Xbox games – more precisely: He owns over 2700 copies of a single game called “Sneak King”.

“Sneak King” is from a promotion

Never heard? No wonder. The computer game is a Burger King promotion from 2006. The Xbox game cost $3.99 at the time. What drives the crazy collector? The game is nothing special in many respects. A player has to control the Burger King mascot and distribute burgers to people over four levels. Nothing special. There are said to be 2.7 million copies of the game worldwide. So Leroy Patterson owns just a fraction of the games in circulation. Or should one say: A large number of a completely irrelevant advertising game?

The collector sees it completely differently. For his passion forsneak king‘ the American provides a simple justification. It’s a fun game that makes him laugh. Maybe one day the game will be worth a lot and then he’ll be rich. Or it stays completely worthless, but then at least it’s a funny story.

10 more people who found internet fame through collecting

Graham Barker

The Australian has been collecting fluff since the mid-1980s landed in his belly button. In almost everyone, small threads of fabric collect when clothing rubs against the skin. The Australian eventually started storing these finds in jars. He made it into the Guinness Book of Records. The lint expert has another tip for those who want to do the same: thermal underwear. This creates the largest belly button fluff.

Becky Martz

Becky Martz is passionate about banana stickers. On your website the eager collector writes that she now has almost 24,000 labels in her collection. The earliest exhibits in their collection date from the early 1960s. Betty Martz isn’t even the only banana label collector. Almost 400 other people worldwide share this passion.

Ronan Jordan

It might be unusual to collect toothpaste tubes. Ronan Jordan takes things a step further with his collection of empty toothpaste tubes. In the meantime, the American has almost 4,000 objects together. He also received an award for this.

Kris L Duke

It is not known whether Kris L. Duke is a real lucky guy in his life or whether he wants to challenge luck in a special way. In any case, the American collects the messages from fortune cookies. Well over 4000 pieces of paper are now part of his collection. The unique thing: he pulled all the messages out of the biscuits himself. Kris L. Duke may also be one of the people who ate the most fortune cookies.

Neil Scallan

Neil Scallan loves to play. So at some point he started collecting a very specific game in different editions: Monopoly. Now someone could get the idea that the Brit is a huge fan from Badstraße to Schlossallee. But exactly the opposite is the case. Monopoly is not one of his favorite games. Neil Scallan now owns over 3000 issues, all still in their original packaging, as can be seen on his Instagram profile able to see. The collector feels the same way as Leroy Patterson, the bizarre computer game collector: Neil Scallan hopes for a significant increase in the value of his Monopoly editions.

Charlotte Lee

In the famous sketch “Herren im Bad” by Loriot with Mr. Müller-Lüdenscheidt and Dr. Unfortunately, Kloebner, the duck has to stay outside. For collector Charlotte Lee, a bathtub is no longer enough. Because the American is passionate about collecting plastic ducks in all sizes and colors. She has now collected over 2,000 pieces and likes to show it off in the video.

Edward Flores

The Italian Edoardo Flores seems to be in need of rest. Because he has a passion for collecting ‘Do not disturb’ signs from hotels. He now owns over 15,000 such door signs in all possible languages ​​and from different epochs. The oldest treasure in his collection dates from the 1940s.

Niek Vermeulen

If you think it can’t get any more absurd than that, then you haven’t met Niek Vermeulen yet. The Dutchman seriously collects puke bags, luckily without filling them. He’s got it down to that Guinness Book of Records done. The collector’s puke bag gallery has now grown to well over 6000 copies.

George Fransen

Now it comes even thicker, only from a different orifice. George Frandsen collects droppings from animals. Don’t worry, the animal excrement is now petrified and looks like stones. The technical term for this is coprolite. The American has meanwhile collected more than 5,000 such primeval poo. Some specimens were excreted over 400 million years ago. On the net, George Frandsen operates with the Poozeum its own online museum.

Sigurdur Hjartarson

Finally, a very unusual collector: Sigurður Hjartarson collects penises from mammals. In 1997, the Icelander started his more than unusual passion for collecting. All exhibits are also open to the public. That Phallus Museum in Reykjavík shows almost 300 animal penises in all forms – large, small, thick, thin, long or short. Allegedly, an unknown donor contacted Sigurður Hjartarson. He wants to add the first human penis to the collection – after his death, of course.