Lingonberry is a special berry because it only requires one thing to survive.

    Lingonberry is a sour berry, and keeps well in a cool place. Mari Moilanen

    The lingonberry’s own broth is the only thing you need to preserve the lingonberry. If we’re being precise, of course, in addition to the broth, a container is needed to store the lingonberry pulp.

    If you want to store lingonberries in the fridge or somewhere cool, crushing is the best way. Lingonberry is such a sour berry that it keeps well in its own broth.

    But one thing should be left out of the list. Don’t under any circumstances add sugar to the lingonberry syrup, because that’s when it starts to ferment, reminds Marta.

    If you want to freeze lingonberries, you shouldn’t add sugar either.

    There is no need to store sugar in the cold, because lingonberries don’t need it. In any case, sugar is added when licorice is eaten.

    Are you familiar with the puzzle lingonberry?

    But if you absolutely want to add sugar to the lingonberry, the puzzle lingonberry is worth a try.

    It’s texture and taste are something between soursop and jam. It emphasizes the aroma of lingonberries, and they are not too sweet.

    When you combine granulated sugar and lingonberries, you get lingonberry jam, which many praise as the best jam they’ve ever eaten.

    you only need fresh lingonberries and granulated sugar (as the name suggests, Pulmusokere, because it melts faster than, for example, Sirkku).

    Cranberry puzzle

    7-8 l of lingonberries

    1 pkt (750 g) A lump of granulated sugar

    1. Pour the cleaned lingonberries into a larger container (e.g. a 10 l pot) in which you can mix the lingonberries well.

    2. Mash the lingonberries a little with a wooden potato masher so that the liquid starts to release a little from the lingonberries. So the purpose is not to puree the lingonberries, but just to get some of the liquid out. Add the sugar cubes and spin the mixture with a pestle a few times.

    3. Leave the pot at room temperature and spin the lingonberries with a pestle 1-2 times an hour for about 8 hours.

    4. The finished lingonberries have a wonderful color, some of the lingonberries are whole, and there is no watery loose liquid.

    5. Store lingonberries in clean freezer boxes or glass jars. Freeze the lingonberries or store them in the refrigerator.