An easy apple roast will blow your mind.

    The surface of the oat fry is a crispy rapeseed. Mari Moilanen

    – Baked apples with oats is such an autumn dessert that if you can’t do anything else, make this. It doesn’t require much effort, but the end result is simply charming. And the sound of a broken crust crunching, says the food journalist Mari Moilanen.

    Moilanen continues that the kauratosca coating is his favorite. It is suitable, for example, for a rhubarb or blueberry roast.

    – This mixture will be caramel-crisped in the oven. An absolutely irresistible combination with soft mashed apples, Moilanen continues Something tasty in his blog.

    Baked apples with oatmeal

    (for 6 people)


    150 g of butter

    2 dl cane sugar

    ½ dl light syrup

    ½ dl cream

    3 dl of oatmeal

    1 1/2 dl spelled wheat flour

    1 teaspoon of baking powder


    700 g (approx. 7) domestic apples

    1/2 dl cane sugar

    1 teaspoon of cinnamon

    1 teaspoon of real vanilla

    custard for serving

    1. Grease a baking dish (diameter approx. 18 cm). Dice the apples and spread them in the pan. Mix sugar, cinnamon and vanilla powder together. Sprinkle the mixture evenly over the apples.

    2. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add sugar, syrup and cream. Take the pot off the stove and mix in the rest of the ingredients. Spread the frosting over the apples.

    3. Bake at 200 degrees on the middle level of the oven for approx. 25 minutes. Serve the roast with custard.