Still celebrating Ajax Women: ”They deserve it”

The alternative ceremony for the Ajax Women is now well under way. Supporters have joined forces to celebrate the women’s success after an official ceremony was canceled.

In the beginning it looked like the women would be officially honored in the city, but Ajax management put a stop to this. The football club said it no longer supports the ceremony, because the championship has been a while ago and there is a “lack of joy” around the club. But this should not be a reason not to celebrate the success of the women, according to the more than 450 supporters who are present tonight at the unofficial ceremony. ”The performance of the men should have no influence on that,” says an Ajax fan present.

The champions arrived in limousines at Club Levenslang on Wenckebachweg around 7 p.m. There they were festively honored on stage by former football player Rocky Hehakaija. There are also performances tonight by, among others, FeestDJRuud, Tonno Disko, Bente and Rene van Beeten. Co-organiser Shannice Wilner: ”We organize what Ajax leaves behind. They deserve it. I think it is downright antisocial that you are not organizing this, because there is not a good atmosphere among the men.”

Goalkeeper Lize Kop also said during the party that she was ‘disappointed’ by the choice of the Ajax management. “It’s not going to happen and that hurts. But look how beautiful it is here, how many people there are!”