ORk lacquers and lip tints that last all day, but the pleasure of applying the classics creamy lipsticks has no comparison! It will also be for this reason that today i lipstick have entered a new dimension, tinged with unprecedented finishes, never seen before, and embracing technologies that combine performance and treatment. Let’s not forget, in fact, that lips can be as delicate as they are sensual. Make way, therefore, to the new formulas which, in all likelihood, will cause all the rage.

    Creamy lipsticks: new classics, from matte to luminous

    Until some time ago there were two types of lipsticks: matte or luminous. The former lasted longer, even all day long, but they could be uncomfortable on dry lips. The latter, on the other hand, lit up the smile but disappeared at the first snack.

    Fortunately, recently, the Maisons have launched the new finish mat-metal which, opaque and shiny at the same time, combines the best of both worlds.

    With the new creamy lipsticks, the cosmetic houses have found the perfect balance between matte effect and shine (Instagram/@irinashayk)

    Gregoris Pyrpyliscreative director of beauté Hermesspoke of matte finish flaming about the lipstick 62 Rouge Feu of the fashion house, inspired by volcanic lava.

    The makeup artist Violetssince 2021 make up creative director of Guerlainwas instead inspired by the play of light generated by the beating wings of butterflies for the creamy lipsticks Rouge G Luxurious Velvet Metal of the Maison.

    «Nature is the greatest artist in the world, the most fascinating source of inspiration. Butterflies, for example, offer a magical show with their captivating colors with luminous but velvety effects. I’ve always dreamed of being able to reproduce these shimmers on my lips», says Violette. The result is six matte shades with subtle metallic reflections, with a tone-on-tone micro-shine. Certainly resistant, even up to 16 hours, but also comfortable because they are enriched with nourishing mango butter.

    And lipstick is also coming for spring 2023 Rouge G Luxurious Velvet Red Fire Star That, inspired this time by the golden petals of the orchidvibrates with a brick red (obviously) metallic.

    Creamy lipsticks: instructions for use

    For creamy lipsticks mat-metal almost all the rules of the luminous ones apply. «They look better on those who boast full and relaxed lips – tells Laura Portomeo, make-up artist And founder Of Lace Beauty -, as the metal component, being reflective, can highlight lines and cuticles».

    It is true that cosmetic companies are competing to overcome this problem with formulas with high treating power but a few more precautions can give the texture a really long life all day long.

    The steps are few: «Apply a tone-on-tone pencil all over the lips, apply a first layer of lipstick and then dab with a tissue before applying the second, protect the mucous membrane with another tissue to fix everything with a powder and finally, go over the color one last time», advises Portomeo. More difficult to explain than to do!

    There are also those who, to avoid mistakes, limit themselves to applying creamy lipsticks in a nuanced way, perhaps tapping them with their fingertips. As did the famous make-up artist Linda Cantello for the spring summer 2023 fashion show by Armani Prive. For those who want to dare, however, the advice is to apply a contrasting pencil. In this case, the fashion brands set the example Ujoh And botter on their spring summer 2023 runways.

    The great return of red

    As for trendy colors, there’s no doubt: this spring red will be the protagonist of lipstick creamy in all its forms. Not surprisingly, the graphics technology company Pantone chose the Long live Magenta (a nuance inspired by the red of the cochineal) as the color of the year.

    Make way, therefore, for the more ardent shades that positively influence the mood and are in tune with spring vitality. The warmest color palettes transmit energy: Coca Cola red, strawberry red, cherry and incandescent orange celebrate life by anticipating the taste of summer.

    He knew something about it Gabrielle Chanel who in 1924 launched his own rouge most iconic, obviously very red. Lipstick today Rouge Allure Velvet of the Maison reinvents itself with six iconic colors (coral red, bright red, fire red and bright red) plus 14 other variations on the theme, for a total of 20 nuances that they seem to have solved the equation of the balance between dull and bright. On the other hand, there are 16 shades of red lipstick Valentine red.

    With such a broad offer, it is impossible not to find the red lipstick that adapts perfectly to your complexion!