On her Instagram account, Maria Veitola talks openly about her dismissal.

    Maria Veitola traveled to Africa alone. ATTE KAJOVA

    TV presenter and journalist Maria Veitola posted an open update on Instagram where he talks about his thoughts on exhaustion. In his update, he talked about his need to also spend time alone with his own thoughts.

    These thoughts and the conversation with the therapist led Veitola to go out into the world alone, Africa to be exact.

    – 11 days of empty space in the calendar, money in the bank account. I called the travel agency: “I would like to buy one safe adventure, thank you, I am interested in Africa.” Soon I was on my way to Kenya, he writes.

    Veitola says that he last traveled alone 13 years ago. The couple The battle– the boy will soon turn 11 years old.

    – That’s a long time for a person who needs solitude. I had forgotten myself.

    During the trip, Veitola says that her mind got a much-needed rest.

    – I guess this is the feeling you get from drugs, I thought aboard the small plane as it took off into the sky above the acacia and baobab trees. I cried, how good it feels to be able to experience and to be alive.

    – I had to come all the way to Africa so that I could sleep better and more deeply than ever since having a child.

    In her update, Veitola also praises her spouse Jottia.

    – The couple therapist reminded that in a good relationship you don’t need to ask permission from the other person. Jotti said go for it, maybe you’re less tense and grumpy. However, my beloved has never restricted anything from me. The biggest obstacles can be found inside one’s own head, like the guilt imposed on mothers for being away from home.

    Did you have to clean for the Vuoroin väjeraisa program, Maria Veitola?