Rachel Hazes has decided not to impose croquette fines on Yvonne Coldeweijer, despite the judge’s verdict. The juice queen has therefore decided not to appeal.

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    A major plot twist in the croquette issue: Rachel Hazes has announced that she will not invoke penalty payments if Yvonne Coldeweijer starts calling her cremated croquette again. The judge has ruled that the juice queen must pay up to 50,000 euros if she takes those two words in her mouth one more time.

    Croquette issue

    Apparently Rachel is shocked by Yvonne’s announcement to appeal, because that would only cause the professional widow even more PR misery. She now has a long statement on Instagram placed. “Dear people, just one more time to be clear to people who just do NOT want to understand.”

    She continues: “The lawsuit against Yvonne Coldeweijer was of course not about the cremated croquette. My point was that it was said in the video that I was the one who leaked a letter from my son and that I intervened in my son’s treatment in Spain. That was the reason for the lawsuit.”

    Toxic and deranged

    The croquette ice cream was an afterthought, says Rachel. “Yvonne Coldeweijer’s statements about me that I am manipulative, narcissistic, toxic and would be crazy, the judge has also ruled on that, just as it is unnecessarily offensive to be called a cremated croquette, to collect money for her lawsuit.”

    She continues: “If it makes Yvonne Coldeweijer so happy to use these words, then as far as I’m concerned she can just go ahead. My lawyer will confirm to her lawyer that no penalty will be invoked for this. The most important thing for me was that the judge understood what it was really about.”

    Yvonne responds

    Yvonne speaks of a considerable plot twist. She withdraws her appeal. “I always deliver my message with humor and a wink. I must be able to feel free in bringing that message. I was prepared to fight that point of principle, even to the Supreme Court if necessary.”

    She continues: “It’s not my point that I like to call you a cremated croquette, Rachel. The humor has long since worn off for me. The point is that the judge has forbidden me to do this and you imposed a high penalty against it. This goes against the essential point of freedom. Because free speech is our great asset.”

    Judges busy enough

    The judge’s decision will of course stand, despite this concession from Rachel. “And so I could still challenge it on principle. But since you have withdrawn, I don’t feel comfortable having to bother our justice system with this.”

    She concludes: “I think the judges are busy enough already. I’m glad you now see that for yourself.”