Sophie Hilbrand gets wind from the front: “She is just rancorous”

Sophie Hilbrand gets the wind from Yvonne Coldeweijer. The juice queen thinks Khalid & Sophie’s talk show host is a rather spiteful girl. “She’s a little bit cheaty.”


A week and a half ago, Sophie Hilbrand sat at the table in the talk show Media Inside, which included Yvonne Coldeweijer. The presenter tried to provoke some sneer at Yvonne’s address from her table companions and nodded in agreement when they were then delivered by Gijs Groenteman and Marcel van Roosmalen.

Resentful Sophie?

Yvonne thinks Sophie is a little vindictive. She recently voiced fierce criticism of Sophie’s interview with the sniffing singer of Goldband. “Yes, of course she is a bit resentful because we fired her. With that sniffing and all. Yes, of course it was a bit of a groupie during that interview,” she says in her Juice Show.

Co-host Mark Koster: “She is a bit of a groupie journalist, because Van Roosmalen then goes to war against you – yes, he can do all of that – and then she will nod along a bit. I think she’s a bit of a waving sea anemone, you know that? So in the water, like: ‘Hahaaa.’ It’s all a bit cowardly.”

Bit fake

Sophie hides very easily behind her table companions, Yvonne thinks. “Yes, because they went on to another subject and then she said: ‘Oh, but you think that Yvonne…?’ That’s false, that’s a little false.”

Right, says Mark. “That fake. In the schoolyard they were always fake girls. Didn’t have the nicest friends either, because just not enough humor, but I also find her shockingly hypocritical. Don’t we know that she herself has done all kinds of wrong things?


Mark refers to the fact that years ago Sophie decided to eavesdrop on Albert Verlinde in his own home. Her then employer BNN had to pay a fine of thousands of euros for this. It is then a bit hypocritical to attack Yvonne, says the media journalist.

Albert has only recently forgiven Sophie. “At a certain point you also have to say: and on. I did have contact with Sophie afterwards, we were in programs together,” he recently said in Superguide. “I worked with that a lot. In the end I was proven right that it couldn’t be done. Fine, count your blessings, and move on.”