Anki took a dna test – “My whole world collapsed”

Swedish Anki searches for her biological father in the new series.

Peter Sjölund shares his news with Anki, aka Ann-Christine Andersson. Over

Anki or Ann-Christine Andersson believed until well into adulthood that he grew up in a normal nuclear family. It included mother, father and brother.

When Anki’s husband then started doing genealogy, Anki’s family ties were renewed. He got a surprising result from his dna test. The father was not the biological father, as the new Geneinmätsätätätät epäitat more series tells.

The cousin’s information shed light on the situation that shocked Anki. According to him, Anki’s mother had had another man. The mother had possibly been pregnant when she married the man Anki thought was her biological father.

– My brother took a dna test. The answer came in April 2018. He was just a half-brother to me. My whole world collapsed, Anki starts crying in the Swedish series.

He felt that he had experienced a great injustice. It was clear that either the mother had lied to her husband or the husband had known the truth when he married Anki’s mother. Either way, neither of them revealed the secret to Anki.

After the information came to light, Anki and her husband began to track down Anki’s biological father and possible relatives. In their research, they ended up in the province of Bohuslän, but they were unable to find out the identity. So Anki asked the creators of the TV show for help – and got it.

Researcher doing genetic genealogy Peter Sjölund tells Anki about his findings in front of the TV cameras.

– Your case was really difficult. It’s one of the most difficult encounters we’ve ever faced, Peter begins before breaking his news.

– We found your biological father. The information is certain.

Sixteen– man is unfortunately no longer alive, but his daughter is. And the daughter, Anki’s half-sister, wants to meet him.

The Geneinmätsätäjät teach more series belongs to the same entity as the Geneinmätsätäjät series. The latter starts today at Teema & Femi at 18:30. It’s looking for another Swede, By Denise Alterskjaerfather.

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