Single child allowance arriving in March: the dates to remember

TOnno new, new (unique) check. The first payment related to the economic support for families for each dependent child up to the age of 21 and without age limits for disabled children, will arrive in March.

Single check: pay attention to the dates

Knowing and remembering the dates is very important, because depending on when the request is made, the terms will change. Indeed, for all who will have sent the questions on the portal ofInps by the end of February, the check will arrive in March.

For subsequent ones, by the end of June, the check will arrive the following month to the request with recovery of arrears. For applications submitted, however, starting in July, the check will arrive always from the month following the request, but without arrears.

Doing it now, however, is very important because, it is good to remember, the transition to the new measure will eliminate family allowances and deductions for dependent children under the age of 21 and therefore, will inevitably lead some families to a drop in liquidity already in the March paycheck.

Who is it for

All Italian or European citizens or those with a residence permit who have been residing in Italy for at least two years and who pay taxes here can apply. The allowance is recognized for each dependent child from the seventh month of pregnancy up to 21 years of age (there are no age limits in the case of disabled children).

The figure based on the ISEE

The new bonus is awarded on the basis of the ISEE, the indicator of the equivalent economic situation, valid and concerns all families (employees, self-employed and unemployed …) with dependent children. But the presentation of the Indicator of the equivalent economic situation, it is not an essential condition for obtaining the benefit it can also be done without, but the amount will be the minimum.

If the request is without Isee

Who had already applied in the first days of the year e had not attached the ISEE even if you have it, no problem: you can do it too subsequently. If it will be presented by June, any adjustment of the amounts due starting from the month of March will take place in July.

The single check does not absorb the asylum bonus

Furthermore, the Single Check does not contribute to the formation of the total income, therefore ndoes not absorb or reduce the figures of the daycare bonus and it’s compatible with other cash measures in favor of dependent children. For those who receive citizenship income, the single check will be paid ex officio by INPS.



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