Short hair: Kylie Minogue’s pixie cut in the 90s

P.rhyme or later all the stars let themselves be tempted by the clean cut of the short hair. Sometimes though, as we discover in the celebrity hairstylist’s Instagram post Sam McKnight, behind a pixie cut there may be an experiment gone wrong. True Kylie Minogue?

Short hair in 90s style

Adored by Nicole Kidman to Cate Blanchett passing through Princess Diana, Lady Gaga and Madonna. Contested by legendary supermodels: Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss and many other cover stars. Over the past 30 years and beyond the most loved hairstylist is undoubtedly the British Sam McKnight. Hair artist, philosopher of light textures, pioneer of the most modern cuts. As the pixie totally surprise made to Kylie Minogue in the 90s.

“One night in the 90s my phone rings. Sam, I’m Kylie, I really want you to cut my hair ” he writes on Instagram “Ok, I replied, see you next week … But then she said to me” I tried to cut them myself and I made a mess “and then we met the same evening”.

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The head shot of an absolute icon of blondiness

In the heart of the fabulous Nineties, already at the height of success, Kylie leaves him carte blanche for the total hair cut. The cut is very short, with the uneven bangs and the rebellious sideburns and tributes that of Mia Farrow in the 60s at the time of “Rosemary’s baby”. A gesture of immense confidence for a star at the height of success for years world icon of the art of wearing blond hair.

After fluffy perms from the 1980s ei fluffy and floating curls of the early 90s, the Australian TV star and singer – now 53 years old – abandons the romantic mood and amazes everyone with an unprecedented hair look that smells of punk and glam at the same time. Ultra cool was born by mistake thanks to the badly cut lock in the bathroom at home. But it is no coincidence that the hairdresser is considered a woman’s best friend.



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