Sara Siepi’s trip did not go according to plan.

    Sara Sieppi was the target of a scam. Miia Sirén

    Entrepreneur and social media influencer Sara Sieppi opens up on Instagram about the treatment she received on a trip abroad.

    Sieppi says that he traveled by car from Namibia to Cape Town, a distance of about 1,800 kilometers.

    His intention was to spend the rest of his trip in one accommodation because of the fatigue caused by the long journey.

    If you don’t see the embed, you can watch it from here.

    However, not everything went as planned.

    – After we got there, we realized pretty quickly that there was no place to stay in my name despite the reservation and everything was a scam, Sieppi writes along with his update.

    – So the same apartment was found through Airbnb and the fraudsters had therefore copied the accommodation in question to We clarified the situation after a long drive outside the apartment by phone with Booking and they promised to return the money, he continues in his publication.

    Sieppi told about the travel agency’s attempt to fix the situation by sharing an interesting picture.

    – But luckily, was kind enough to promise to provide us with, in their words, “the same type of accommodation” and linked us to this, Sieppi writes sarcastically next to his photo, which shows at least a modest accommodation full of bunk beds.

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