The split between Nick & Simon has not made their Volendam colleague Jan Dulles think about his own musical collaboration. “I don’t have the means to stop.”

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    Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer surprised people last year with their announcement to stop as a musical duo. It did not come as a shock to Jan Dulles, foreman of the 3JS. “Not as a shock, but as a surprise. I didn’t know it was going to happen,” he says in the Nieuwe Revu.

    John not so rich

    Jan understands Nick & Simon’s decision. “They have determined for themselves that they have achieved everything Dutch-speaking artists can achieve, or at least Simon has done that. His thought was: I don’t know if I still like this. Nick and Simon also have the means to quit.”

    Isn’t he then? “I don’t, no. We are not as wealthy as our colleagues.”

    Different course

    The break between Nick & Simon did not inspire Jan. “I was able to experience for two years during corona what it is like not to sing anymore. I felt incredibly useless and decided for myself that I shouldn’t stop singing.”

    Anything other than, outside of the 3JS? “No, because I can’t do anything else. Not even with another band or on my own. (…) I like being the front man and doing the talking, but I want to be able to rely on my colleagues on stage.”