Sanna Marin talks about the party on TV

A close friend surprises Prime Minister Sanna Marini in the first episode of Laulu Rakkaudele.

Sanna Marin gets a surprise from her friend in the Laulu rakkuuttät program. Atte Mäläskä

In the episode that starts the third production season of Laulu Rakkaudule, Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) is surprised.

Marin has arrived at the studio straight from the parliament and sits down in the white chair, confused.

The audience is asked when was the last time a surprise was organized for Marin.

– Well, these government partners organize surprises almost every week, but I’m used to them, says Marin.

Before the start of the show, Marja Hintikka, the host of the program, asks Marin if he is basically a control freak or a throwaway.

– As well as the. In everyday life and at work, I am a person who likes to hold all the strings in my hands, but yes, I also like to throw myself when I am free, as perhaps some citizen has read in the newspapers, Marin jokes, referring to the Prime Minister’s party in August.

Secret object of fandom

Marin Let’s surprise you with three James Bond – with a familiar song from the movies. He follows the performances dumbfounded and visibly moved.

The surprise is also accompanied by a letter that Hintikka reads to Marin after the performance. The letter is from Marin’s friend, who was asked to help plan a surprise for Marin. In the letter, the friend reveals the object of the Prime Minister’s fandom: James Bond – action movies.

In the letter, the friend writes that Marin, like Bond, has the ability to adapt to unexpected situations. Like Bond, Marin is also true to his style, a friend writes.

While Hintikka is still reading the letter, Marin suddenly exclaims that she knows who is behind the surprise. According to Marin, this is “a very dear friend”. A friend has participated in Marini’s thirties, whose theme was also James Bond.

Marin reveals that she has seen all the Bonds several times. According to Marin, the charm of action movies is that you can leave your “brain in a tizzy” while watching them.

Finally, Hintikka asks Marin how she would like to remember her life in her eighties.

– I want to look back that I had a rich and strange life. That everything had to be done and it’s a bit embarrassing, but it doesn’t matter, says Marin.

Sanna Marin became emotional while speaking at the Lahti market in August after a party. IL-TV

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